Kučera - Dictionary of Exact Science and Technology

The life's work of lexicographer Antonín Kucera, the dictionary of the Exact Sciences and Technology Antonin Kucera(Download) currently contains 556,000 entries and references from 103 subject areas.
This specialist dictionary is the crowning achievement of a lexicographer who has been working as a lexicographer for more than 50 years.
The enumeration of the sources accompanying the print version is obvious. The assignment of technical terms to specialist areas, the consideration of English, American and German standards and their naming as well as the precise elaboration of references and synonyms are essential. Numerous references to definitions in the original sources, including the Chambers Dictionary of Science and Technology.  


The Kucera - the icing on the cake among technical dictionaries

The Kucera is the ideal tool for all those involved in high-level English-German translation. It extends the classic dictionary with references to relevant standards and in-depth explanations of contexts. He follows the' Collins Unabridged Dictionary', which is named as a model in the structure.

Starting with the natural sciences as a basis, the Kucera offers an estimated 50% more entries than other renowned specialist dictionaries on the same topic. These include mathematics, physics, chemistry, electrical engineering, electrochemistry, metallurgy, materials science and mechanics.
Like Collins, the Kucera expands the technical terminology of all major industrial sectors, their raw materials, developments and products from the basic industries to heavy industry and light industry, including mechanical engineering, power engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, data technology and communications technology, automotive industry, vehicle construction, construction, architecture, transport, textiles, glass industry, plastics industry, wood industry, paper industry, printing industry as well as specialized supply companies.
In addition to the technical terms of the individual sectors, the working world, the work organisation and its aids will be examined. Organizational forms, equipment, data processing, tools, instruments, workplace forms and production forms are in the foreground.


The Non-Plus Ultra in the field of technical dictionaries

The author, with his fifty years of experience as a specialist lexicographer and translator, has compiled the keywords and their translations from the most modern specialist literature. Thereby, terminological systems and correlations were treated in a uniform way, the synonymics, antonymology and the technique of reference were worked out precisely. Numerous short explanations, subject area information and DIN assignments, which are also understandable for laypersons, enable the clear classification and delimitation of the individual technical terms.

The quality features:

  • modern vocabulary from all areas of science and technology

  • Keywords and translations have been compiled from the most modern specialist literature

  • numerous short explanations and hints for a better classification of technical terms

  • Assignment of technical terms to the individual subject areas

  • Consideration and recognition of British, American and German standards

  • precise elaboration of the technique and the synonyms

The Kucera is the ideal tool for all those who are involved in high level technical translations of English and German texts.
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Kučera: Wörterbuch der exakten Naturwissenschaften und der Technik Band I English-German
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