The origin of the Great Eichborn

The origin of the Great Eichborn Dictionary

Due to his English language skills and his education, Reinhart von Eichborn was decisively involved as a negotiator, consultant and interpreter in Germany's first foreign trade business after the end of World War II in 1945.
He became aware that something like a German-English business language practically did not exist.

The idea for the world's first business dictionary was born. The American military government came to his aid and provided him with about forty textbooks on economic, legal, and administrative topics, written by scientific capacities. Shortly afterwards, the Consice Oxford Dictionary, Webster's New International Dictionary, Funk & Wagnall's New Standard Dictionary and later Encylopaedia Britannica became the constant companions in Reinhart von Eichborn's search for missing technical terms.

Research in all publications

In the course of his further work, hundreds of specialist books, forms, catalogues, reports from banks, insurances, international companies and offices in English found their way into the library and were systematically evaluated. In addition to his professional career as a lawyer, bank and investment specialist as well as an economic politician, the search for new words in the regularly edited Economist, Fortune, Newsweek, Time has become an eternally pursued hobby, which expanded the "wood database" with new notes every day.

From Reinhart von Eichborn to his death in 1990, the five-person team of lexicographers and IT specialists, which has been working together for 25 years, has set itself the task of continuing his life's work. Under the guidance of his two youngest children, the next generation has taken over the active search for new words, the careful incorporation into the vocabulary and the publication as a book and as an electronic medium.

In doing so, the regular evaluation of relevant trade press such as Economist, Newsweek, Wirtschaftswoche and articles from daily newspapers continues to pave the way for "raising the vocabulary of languages". However, contact with managers and internationally active specialists has become increasingly important, who use both languages on a daily basis on a professional basis and use "their" technical terms from a wide variety of fields.

After all, the team has developed further inexhaustible sources - according to the state of the art of our time - through the intensive use of the Internet. The targeted access to reports and articles from all over the world for further analysis is easier than ever before due to this combination of all databases.

Today the download dictionary of Eichborn is the most important product of the Siebenpunkt Verlag from Mönchengladbach. As a content manager, Acolada manages and maintains the vocabulary under the UniLex Pro browser, which is used for many other dictionaries.
By the way, this vocabulary can be easily combined with other dictionaries on a screen, making it a real enrichment for any translator. Links our shop system ( German language only):

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The great Eichborn bound English / German

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