Collection, management and use of your own vocabulary sources

UniTerm for using its own glossaries

Acolada is the driving force behind electronic dictionaries today. There, content (including dictionary content) is managed for leading publishers in such a way that printed books or electronic versions of dictionaries can be produced on demand. The basis for this is the content management program UniTerm. It records and manages the entries and displays an electronic dictionary at the push of a button.

From glossary to electronic dictionary

Acloada currently provides lexicologists UniTerm free of charge. With this, they store the terms of the new dictionary. From this base, it is easy to' turn' the language direction, as well as manage entries and corrections, etc. 
This means that in-house glossaries and word lists can be professionally recorded, managed and used.
A Google search shows various websites that illustrate the topic in detail.

Import glossaries from tables

Importing uniformly formatted glossaries from tables, for example, is the first step before use. An extensive import function defines the import rules. It is recommended to optimize with only 20 entries until they are fully readable. If this works, the rest is child's play. In this way, company-specific vocabulary, glossaries and tables can be transformed into the preliminary stage of your own dictionary. The next step to UnilexPro is done at the touch of a button and your own dictionary is ready.

The self-created dictionary on UniLexPro

Through UniLexPro company vocabulary can be standardized, transported and managed in a future-proof manner. From hard-earned word lists, we turn into a series of trouvailles which, in addition to the recognised electronic dictionaries of well-known publishers, must also be searched on a screen with equal rights. The benefit can be further increased in the next step.

The interface to CAT tools

The use of CAT tools is limited because there are too few real dictionaries with a direct connection. An interface from UnilexPro to the leading provider is currently being programmed. Once approved, a self-generated glossary can form the basis of a dictionary that is urgently required in many places.