Using Langenscheidt e-dictionaries in UniLex Pro - Update opportunity

The competition between the Langenscheidt PC library as browser and the Acolada Unilex Pro interface is decided

For years, two incompatible browsers were on the market for high-quality specialist dictionaries. The Langenscheidt Library and the Acolada Lexiface Pro or Unilex Pro browser. After Langenscheidt has discontinued the maintenance of its own library series, most Langenscheidt dictionaries are now available under Unilex Pro. Each installed dictionary can be searched simultaneously. The weaknesses of one are the strengths of the other. The number of references increases together with the quality of the statements.

The opportunity for an update at half price!

Previous owners of the dictionaries linked below can use the opportunity to download the digital dictionaries for Windows operating systems 7,8 and 10 at half price.

Two focal points: Dictionaries for Science / Technology and General Language Contents

The Langenscheidt e-specialist dictionaries are the direct successors of the renowned GDR dictionaries in the field of technology and natural sciences, which were taken over by Langenscheidt at the time and have been revised and extended several times. The scope of the terms - mostly English and German technical terminology - as well as the sources was massively expanded by Langenscheidt. The weight of printed specialist dictionaries has doubled to tripled over the years. This concentrated knowledge is nowadays easily and quickly available for download and enriches every virtual'' bookcase''.

Specialist dictionaries in German and English for download:

Specialist dictionary architecture and construction by Gelbrich
Dictionary of Eichhorn Biology
Dictionary of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at the University of Dresden
Technical dictionary Electrical Engineering and Electronics of the University of Dresden under the editor Budig
Technical dictionary on technology and applied sciences by Walther / Prof. Schmitt as editor

Among the general e-dictionaries, the Muret-Sanders e-Grosswörterbuch (German and English) stands out. Known to many as a multi-volume print work, it connects the electronic networking via internal links of the dictionary in horizontal as well as in vertical direction in an exemplary way. Almost 700,000 references are hard to beat for a dictionary of the general high language.

Muret-Sanders e-Grand Dictionary English