Using the online dictionaries in UniLex IDS format

Internet-based use of UniLex IDS dictionaries

As an alternative to purchasing individual dictionary licenses as downloads, we offer online access to the same content in the form of dictionary subscriptions. The user accesses the rented content and receives the most up-to-date version of the dictionary (updates are provided free of charge and automatically).
Prerequisite for use is Internet access and any Internet browser. This means that Mac and Linux users can also use previously inaccessible content.

Advantages of rented online access

While the download is aimed primarily at single-user users, who can then use the dictionary directly with a simple installation, online access is primarily aimed at extended customer groups.
For example, with multi-user solutions, the client installation for each workstation is no longer necessary. There is no need to reinstall anything when changing computers. Wherever there is WLAN, travellers access your database without having to take their home computer with them. Mac users and Linux users are also integrated without any hurdles.

Another aspect concerns the tax difference between buying and renting. Rental costs can be written off directly for tax purposes, whereas the purchase must be written off over several years above certain limits.

UniLex IDS a further development of UniLex Pro

UniLex IDS is a proven form of dictionary management and presentation, originating from Acolada's intranet solution. Major customers from industry, trade and the service sector have been allowing their employees to access word stems without barriers for about a decade now. The frequent improvements to Windows operating systems and the associated ageing of CD and download products showed the way to an alternative form of access via online use - also for small and medium-sized companies.

Duration of the rental or subscription period

Legally, online access corresponds to a rental or subscription. The rental period is 12 months. This can be terminated one month before expiry. Upon request, the rental price can be calculated at a fraction of a year (e. g. from May to December). In subsequent years, the rental costs then accrue for a full year. These are charged by invoice in advance.

Additional costs for hosting

A hosting fee of 24 €/year (net price) will be charged for the completion of an online access. Since hosting fees are not part of the indicated subscription price, they appear as additional costs, whereby a distinction is made in the order process whether the customer is "first subscriber" (= no further subscription booked at the moment) or "already subscriber" (=at the time of further subscriptions booked (also in the current order process)). The customer must provide proof of the status "already subscriber".
In the case of a follow-up subscription in the following year, hosting fees of 24 € net (respectively 28.56 € gross) are due again according to the same principle.

multiple accesses

All online dictionaries are also offered with multiple accesses (scaling to any scale, for example: 1,2,3,4,10,20,50,100 accesses). These are always competing entrances. There are 24€ (net) per year and dictionary for hosting fees. We will be happy to make an offer on request.

Online access by ID and password

The customer receives online access to the rented dictionaries via a mask that asks for ID and password. If there are several users, the number of concurrent users is encrypted in the password. If the number of users is exceeded, no further users can register.
The ID and password can be passed with the URL as parameters. This allows you to register directly via the link.
A search term can also be passed as a parameter. This allows integration into CAT tools such as SDL Trados Studio or memoq.
As an alternative to logging in with a password and password, an automatic login via IP recognition is also possible.
Test access UniLex IDS on request

Interested parties will receive a test account with some dictionaries of their choice on request. If necessary, use this e-mail address: info @ kater-verlag. de


Which dictionaries can I combine online?
 All articles listed in the Subscription Dictionaries section of UniLex IDS are freely combinable.

Can I use UniLex IDS and UniLex Pro in one window?
 No, the user must switch between the applications.

Are there update prices for UniLex Pro users?
No, they are different product branches.

Can I save the UniLex IDS dictionaries on my computer? 
No, these remained online only.

How do I use online access as a Linux or Mac customer?
Open browser, log in