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The Ernst dictionary series from the publisher Oscar Brandstetter Verlag, Wiesbaden, has been providing important sources of vocabulary for translators, interpreters and technicians for decades. Prof. Dr. Richard Ernst was passionate about collecting terms and their meaning and thus created important word collections in the post-war years, which he was able to constantly expand with the help of translators in the industrial context. With Oscar Brandstetter Verlag, Dr. Ernst has found a reliable partner who has developed the series over decades.

Multiple languages - multiple dictionaries, a recurring structure
The systematic work in several languages led to renowned technical dictionaries in the important business languages German in combination with English, French, Spanish and Portuguese - later also in the combinations French / English and English / Spanish.

Always up-to-date in technical and linguistic terms
The Dictionary series comprises 12 volumes. This is a rare exception in the publishing business, which is mostly related to the author or publisher. The seriousness as a technical dictionary has managed to evolve further and further. Under the editorship of Ernst Jr. today, technical specialists in their mother tongue are active as lexicologists and experts. Here the gentlemen Dussart, Amm, Vollnhals, Kucera, Ernst jun. and others have excelled. The technical development of the last decades can be seen in the range of Ernst dictionaries. These have grown to an estimated threefold in size by the time they were last printed.


The traditional Ernst. A printed dictionaryTitel des Ernst Wörterbuchs

Today, the serial series in book form comprises just one meter of shelving. Each of the dictionaries guarantees that technical terms from the industrial environment are always up-to-date at the time of printing.

Link to printed editions of Ernst, dictionary of industrial technology (shop system in German language):


The Ernst, the technical dictionary in electronic edition

The first dictionaries in the form of CD vocabulary were published around 20 years ago. The industry has followed this example. The EDP partner of that time has grown steadily and now offers Ernst contents as content manager for Oscar Brandstetter Verlag and other dictionary publishers.
Corresponding operating system adjustments were carried out with each new edition of these e-dictionaries. However, the trend is towards downloading with license key activation. The latest version of the dictionary is stored centrally in one place.

The Ernst vocabulary combined with other dictionaries
On the basis of electronic dictionaries (e-dictionaries), all specialist dictionaries of the Ernst series can also be combined with other dictionaries from the content management manufacturer Acolada. The keyword here is UniLex Pro. This is the browser interface that combines and displays dictionaries at the same time. It makes sense to combine different technical dictionaries in one language or to combine different topics and focuses within one language. This allows the user to combine various technical, economic, legal and general terminology dictionaries and dictionaries.

The Ernst as download under UniLexPro
Due to the constant development of Windows operating systems, the path to download is being followed today. Here the contents are centrally managed and kept up-to-date. The technical vocabulary is loaded as. exe files on your own computer, opened and installed and activated with a license key received at the time of purchase. The customer receives a single-user installation with 3 activations at the entry price, which take into account the PC, a laptop and a reserve activation. Multi-user solutions (network) are offered on request.


Links to the download versions of Ernst, Dictionary of Industrial Engineering:

The Ernst as an update

The update versions are interesting for the owners of an older full license, as they are offered at a reduced price


Ernst as an online dictionary by using UniLex IDS

At the request of large companies with a high number of users, the installation-free use was first introduced via an intranet and today via the Internet. The IDS online dictionary is based on the same vocabulary as the download. The customer concludes a subscription contract with a term of one year, which is automatically renewed without notice. The costs for use are increased by so-called hosting costs (administration of access). There is no need for installation, but Internet access is obligatory. Any number of dictionaries can be combined with each other. The number of users is constantly increasing.

Online versions (annual subscription) of Ernst, Dictionary of Industrial Engineering:

Ernst, Dictionary of Industrial Engineering German - English - German

Ernst, Dictionary of Industrial Engineering German - French - German

Ernst, Dictionary of Industrial Engineering German - Spanish - German

Ernst, Dictionary of Industrial Engineering German - Portuguese - German

Ernst, Dictionary of Industrial Engineering English - Spanish - English

Ernst, Dictionary of Industrial Engineering Englisch - Französisch - Englisch