Dietl / Lorenz, Dictionary Law, Economics and Politics


The language version English-German (Volume I) was fundamentally revised, updated and expanded in 2016, the version German-English (Volume II) in 2020.

Excerpt from the blurb:"Dietl / Lorenz is the most comprehensive legal dictionary on the market. It covers private law, criminal law, public law, EU law, patent, goods and trade law, tax and levy law, traffic law, customs and police law, in short, all matters in which the state is subject to its control over general public life, trade and traffic.".

At the same time, there is plenty of room on the economic side. Again an excerpt from the description of the previous edition:' Law, Trade and Industry, Economics, Business Administration, Money, Banking and Stock Exchange, Taxes, Insurance, Transport, Shipping, Advertising, Opinion Research, Marketing.'

With explanatory and comparative legal comments, including the peculiarities of American usage."
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