UniLex application by Acolada

Since 1996, UniLex has become the standard application for interpreters, translators and anyone who needs to search a wide range of dictionaries in a professional environment in seconds. UniLex offers multipel search functions, direct integration with Microsoft Word and the possibility to combine selfmade dictionaries with all UniLex dictionaries.

Create your own dictionaries

With UniLex you are provided with an editor to create your own dictionaries and terminology databases. You may use them in parallel with all standard UniLex dictionaries in one application.

Do you want more functionality in terminology management? Rely on UniTerm, Acolada's professional terminology management systems. UniTerm is integrated directly into UniLex.

Networking capability

You may also use UniLex on a network. All UniLex dictionaries can be purchased as a standalone version or for use in a network. The UniLex software checks that only the specified number of users have access the dictionary at any given time.
Download of UniLex

The current version of the UniLex software is available for free download (without dictionaries) on the Acolada page - as well as an overview of all current titles of the UniLex edition.