Online dictionaries presented by UniLex IDS

UniLex IDS Online Dictionary System

UniLex IDS - the UniLex Online Dictionary System - is the further development of the UniLex dictionary browser from Acolada for Internet use. Originally presented as a terminology and dictionary browser on the intranet, UniLex IDS is nowadays equally used on the intranet and as an online application.

With UniLex IDS, all employees of a company can access the UniLex dictionaries across multiple locations, easily through their web browsers and without the need for additional software installations.

UniLex IDS advantages at a glance

Secure access via user login or IP authentication

Access control for individual dictionaries

Search all dictionaries in one application

Search results clearly presented and sorted alphabetically

UniTerm offers professional expansion options for the integration of your corporate language with UniTerm

No client installation on the user side: a web browser is sufficient for access

system needs

Runs under all major web browsers

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If you want to test UniLex IDS and the UniLex dictionaries, please contact Kater-Verlag.
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